Louisa Johnston BSc

Lou is the founder of Tonic Health, Scotland’s leading Health and Wellbeing Company. Her naturopathic routes began in Australia, where she trained and practiced through the 1990s. Her combination of working with individual clients in her Edinburgh Clinic and co-coordinating larger onsite health programmes and projects allows her to seamlessly combine insights from the world of nutrition, biochemistry and massage. Lou has been in practice for over 15 years.

 ‘Health should be something that we all enjoy; often the answer to debilitating symptoms can be relatively simple and manageable’   Lou works on an individual basis with each client, using Food planning, Herbal Tonics, a variety of prescriptive supplements & Nutritional information.

Current Clinics running in Edinburgh, Perth & On Zoom

Naturopathy 60 (Follow ups 40)
Therapeutic Massage 1hr 50

Please contact me on 07866 755 931 or