Beauty Treatments

Beauty Treatments by Jodi Fox


Bespoke Facial
Luxury (back, neck, shoulders, hands & feet included in the massage) 75 mins 55

Standard (facial massage) 45 to 50 mins 40

Express (excludes massage) 30 mins 30

REN's Facial Skincare is formulated using the most advanced natural skincare technology, with only 100% natural active ingredients. From the purifying facial skin scrub through to night treatments the products are designed to help the skin achieve its perfect balance, particularly when used together. In addition, REN products avoid synthetic fragrance and colour, PEGS, parabens and propylene glycol.

Mondays from 3pm until 6pm
Thursdays from 4.30pm until 8pm

Polwarth Pharmacy

Fridays from 2pm until 5.30pm

The Edinburgh Centre of Nutrition and Therapy

Enquire as to times available

Eye Enhancers
A good eyebrow shape can be as good as a brow lift! Wax, tweezers and scissors are used to mould the brow into a shape that best suits.

  • Eyebrow Shape 15 mins 10
  • Eyelash tint 15 mins 12
  • Eyebrow tint 10 mins 8
  • Eyelash and Eyebrow tint 20 mins 18
  • Shape; Eyelash and Eyebrow tint 35 mins 25

Only the gentlest wax is used to preserve the condition of the skin. For even gentler waxing, hot wax, which does not adhere to the skin, is used.

  • Half Leg 20 mins 12
  • Full Leg 40 mins 18
  • Bikini 15 mins 10
  • Lip or Chin 15 mins 7.50
  • Underarm 15 mins 8
  • Forearm 25 mins 12
  • Full arm 35 mins 16
  • Eyebrow 15 mins 10
  • Chest or Back Depends on client 17

  • Full Leg, Bikini, Underarm & Eyebrow
    75 mins 35
  • Half Leg, Bikini, Underarm & Eyebrow
    60 mins 30
  • Full Leg & Bikini
    45 mins 25

Australian Bodycare Wax has antiseptic properties that promote skin healing.